We take an Evidence-Based Approach to Learning

Evidence-Based Approach to Learning
The Testing Effect The Testing Effect The Testing Effect

The Testing Effect

The "testing effect" is a well-documented phenomenon that occurs during the course of testing, which has been shown to produce greater gains in meaningful learning than other methods of studying such as watching videos, listening to lectures, and re-reading notes. Multiple studies have demonstrated that students who practice testing outperform those who prepare in other ways.

More Practice Questions Taken = Higher Score

When choosing a resource for your COMLEX prep, you need to choose one that allows you to increase your knowledge, recall and capacity at a predictable rate.

We've analyzed thousands of COMBANK users' journeys through the COMLEX preparation process and have found that for every 1,000 unique COMBANK questions that a student takes, they typically see a 4.1% improvement in their score. And if you took all 2,400 unique questions in our Level 1 Qbank, our study shows that you could expect to get 9.8% more questions correct which corresponds to a 60 point score. We’re so confident in these proven results that we guarantee that you’ll pass your COMLEX exam!

Hear How COMBANK Helps Osteopathic Medical Students Improve Their COMLEX Scores

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Jackie G.


Philadelphia College of Osteopathic Medicine, Class of 2017

I absolutely recommend COMBANK! The questions were an extremely helpful tool in preparation for COMLEX 2. I improved my score from COMLEX 1 by 86 points!

Steven G.


Lake Erie College of Osteopathic Medicine - Seton Hill Campus

COMBANK was an essential tool in preparing me to break the 600 level on COMLEX level 1. With the single accreditation system being implemented, I took only COMLEX using COMBANK alone as my question bank. This question bank was styled like the COMLEX, with roughly the same question stems, level of difficulty and topics covered. It is vastly different than the leading USMLE question banks, studying and preparing for USMLE does not translate into studying for the COMLEX. Questions styles and topics are different between the two. As an osteopathic student, you would be remiss in overlooking COMBANK as an integral part of your study plan.

Ryan G.


PNWU, Class of 2018

COMBANK helped me to set goals and track my progress with it's amazing analysis of personal progress! With it, I was able to earn 18 points higher than my intended goal!

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